—–  PLEASE NOTE – Currently, we are not able to take any medical writers on board. – —-

We are constantly searching for talent with a solid education and hands-on experience in digital marketing.

We believe in tapping into area specialist networks and sharing of skills and expertise and we are looking for enthusiasts willing to give everything to make our customers successful.

We don’t care if you want to stay independent and support us as a freelancer, consultant or contractor, or prefer to join us part- or full-time.

The skills needed to succeed in today’s world and the future are curiosity, creativity, taking initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and empathy. These skills are specific to human beings and that is what we are looking for: humans with technical skills that fall into our core service offerings.

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Work with Us | Digital Healthcare Marketing | medtextpert



Medtextpert is looking for a Digital Marketing and Social Media Intern who’s excited about getting hands-on expertise in healthcare marketing and insight into the daily business of an agency.

What you could do:

  • Market research and surveillance of digital activities of competitors to fuel digital and content strategies
  • Develop engaging ideas/content and concepts for social media marketing
  • Create content for Facebook and Instagram posts and stories
  • Manage social media accounts for customers according to plan
  • Support in designing and implementing paid marketing campaigns
  • Analysis of digital channel performance

What you should bring:

Currently pursuing studies in computer science, media design, marketing or communications

  • A deep passion for digital and social media marketing
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Design or media production experience are an advantage
  • First experience with WordPress
  • Interest in healthcare, MedTech and digitalhealth topics

This is a part-time assignment and we are totally open with regards to your weekly involvement.

Please call +41 762809205 to discuss terms of a possible collaboration.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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