An 11-point checklist for a more patient-centric website

Patient-centric healthcare

Recently emerging as a primary approach to healthcare, patient-centric care (PCC) focuses on cultivating a partnership between patients and healthcare professionals. It acknowledges the patients’ preferences and values, and seeks to move beyond the traditional paternalistic approach to healthcare. Read more about PCC here. Because of this rise in popularity, today’s healthcare audiences (including your prospective […]

Just posting won’t do the job – but what will?

clock with social media

If you want social media to drive your business results you need to effectively manage your social media presence. Why? Because it takes a little more than just a few posts now and then, no matter how interesting, compelling and relevant they are, to be seen and recognized in the social media jungle. The good […]

What makes Digital Marketing so valuable?

Elements of Digital Marketing

Especially small businesses struggle with the decision what marketing tactics to employ because they simply have not got the financials allowing for big campaigns. They think. And so they often decide to go on with their traditional promotional set which worked for them so far – or they at least think it worked. But by […]