What makes Digital Marketing so valuable?

Elements of Digital Marketing

Especially small businesses struggle with the decision what marketing tactics to employ because they simply have not got the financials allowing for big campaigns. They think. And so they often decide to go on with their traditional promotional set which worked for them so far – or they at least think it worked. But by doing so they are missing out big time – we Digital Marketers think.

Taking the thinking beside here are 5 reasons that make Digital Marketing extremely valuable for small businesses (and of course large ones alike):

1.) Know your audience better

Data is the key. The wealth of data available from the Internet is of enormous value. If analyzed correctly those data allow you to learn about your audience and not just guess. Tangible insights generated can be turned into effective, tailored marketing measures. With the help of digital technologies, your audience can be addressed on a personal level, presenting to them content that is of interest, information that is tailored to their needs and that adds value. This in return means they are more likely to consider reading and engaging with your content resulting in increased conversions and more importantly helps to raise brand awareness.

2.) Be closer to your audience through real-time interaction

Social Networking is one of our preferred online activities. In 2017, 71% of Internet users were active on social networks and the numbers are still on the rise. Tapping into this unique Universum allows marketers to access, interact and actively engage with their consumers, e.g. encourage them to visit their website, read about their offerings, buy, provide feedback. In return, consumers expect a timely response when they reach out to brands or businesses via live chat or social media networks. If your business is not there – you have lost already. Social Networking yields high engagement rates and mobile possibilities that traditional marketing simply has not got in store.

3.) Put your audience in control

Most people don’t like to receive sales flyers or phone calls at inconvenient times on stuff that they are not interested in, to name some traditional marketing efforts. Digital allows your audience to consider what kind of information is relevant to them. They can opt-in or opt-out of communications, or choose if they want to read a blog post, watching a Youtube Video or receive regular industry updates by email for instance. And they can decide whether or not to open a relevant ad. They are in control and that is where you would want to be as well as audience yourself.

4.) Actively support brand development by spreading the news

A well-maintained website with quality content aiming to cater to the needs of your target audiences is of significant business value. The same is true for social media channels and personalized email marketing for instance. The content can be shared immediately online using social share buttons across all channels. Think of how many contacts linger around in your social network accounts. You can do the maths and imagine the incredible reach you could trigger if your target audience likes or shares your content!

5.) Real-time results and detailed analysis options help to optimize your ROI

Digital Marketing allows promoting your business and specific areas of it very cost-efficiently. You don’t have to wait weeks or month’s to see the results of a specific digital tactic. By pushing a button you can see the numbers of visitors to your website or social channels, your followers, content shares, conversion rates and much more. Using analytic tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite you can check your campaigns at any time. You can adapt content and campaigns according to the results and control and optimize your ROI. Wouldn’t you prefer to know hat your hard-earned money really goes towards your future customers?

6.) At eye-level with your competitors beyond local

Regardless of your business size, you can be on equal footing with any competitor with a well-structured, professional digital marketing strategy, Traditionally, a smaller operation with limited resources would struggle to match the overtaking presence of larger competing companies. Online, a crisp well-designed website at the center of a seamless consumer journey across channels and devices, paired with outstanding customer service will put you at eye-level with your competitors. And the best thing about it, digital allows you to reach a global audience.

Which kind of Marketing is better?

Of course, digital marketing professionals are passionate about digital marketing but also know the traditional tactics. Both have unique benefits and don’t exclude but can complement one another.

The accessibility of “digital” and rapidly emerging digital technologies, however, are driving its further expansion and acceptance. Digital has long become standard in our everyday lives. It is no longer an option to jump the train or not. Your digital presence is required, if not, you will simply be forgotten and eventually no longer exist for your audience.

Digital Marketers are there to help you so that you stay visible.