Increasing Research Visibility & Interest by embracing appropriate online dissemination

Replace Publish or Perish with Visible or Vanish in Science Communication

The academic world has changed and research visibility is much harder to achieve. An estimated 2.5 million new papers are published every year. But this number has certainly and substantially increased now due to research interest on Covid-19. Only six months into the pandemic, the number of published coronavirus articles indexed on Web of Science […]

How to boost your Content Marketing when competition is fiercer than ever

Content Marketing |How to boost your Content Marketing | Medtextpert

Content marketing has been proven to generate remarkable results for years. It is well known, that a good content marketing strategy will get you three times more leads at a 62% lower cost than traditional marketing. Starting 2021, knowing that we will encounter challenging months and probably years, it’s of uttermost importance to review content strategies and […]

A digital healthcare marketing strategy that scores – practical considerations

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Healthcare is an inherently technological industry. Organizations that cannot keep pace and are unable to implement modern medical diagnostic and treatment equipment & devices, online booking and CRM systems or secure data handling – all in a timely manner – leave themselves at risk of getting left behind. And the same is true for healthcare […]