5 Content Types That Deliver Real ROI

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Content marketing is arguably the hottest topic in today’s landscape. And the opportunities are plentiful, from blogs to ebooks, podcasts to videos, and everything in between. With so many options, deciding which kind of content to create can be a tough choice. But this is significantly easier when you have a solid content strategy that is […]

Why B2B healthcare brands should consider adopting an emotional approach alongside fact-based marketing (Part 2)

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We have learned in previously why an emotional approach in B2B marketing is helping to strengthen brand experiences. And we have learned that emotions affect the decision-making process in private and business life alike. What is needed now, is an understanding of how to approach emotional marketing in business-to-business settings. How can it be put into practise, especially […]

A Guide to Meaningful B2B Customer Testimonials

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Customer testimonials are an extremely powerful tool for businesses. We all know that. Before buying a new gadget from Amazon, for instance, it is highly likely that we will read a few product reviews before making a purchase. In the workplace, we also look at customer feedback when trying to evaluate a product or service […]