LinkedIn Article, Blog Post or both – which is more effective?

Blog Post or LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn articles are becoming increasingly popular and generate good engagement. Blog posts shared via LinkedIn, on the other hand, at least seem to be losing popularity. How could this be explained? Well, there is a wealth of objective and subjective possibilities and reasons for this, including the nature of the article, who is publishing or […]

A digital healthcare marketing strategy that scores – practical considerations

online healthcare information

Healthcare is an inherently technological industry. Organizations that cannot keep pace and are unable to implement modern medical diagnostic and treatment equipment & devices, online booking and CRM systems or secure data handling – all in a timely manner – leave themselves at risk of getting left behind. And the same is true for healthcare […]

Why changing consumer behaviour has paved the way for digital healthcare marketing

Consumer behaviour changes digital healthcare marketing

The healthcare industry as a whole is progressing rapidly, with new research and technological advances making headlines every day. However marketing trends lag behind other consumer-centric industries. Why? Perhaps because marketing strategies are treated as secondary concerns in a setting where patient care and outcomes enjoy absolute priority – and rightly so. In addition, healthcare […]

Just posting won’t do the job – but what will?

clock with social media

If you want social media to drive your business results you need to effectively manage your social media presence. Why? Because it takes a little more than just a few posts now and then, no matter how interesting, compelling and relevant they are, to be seen and recognized in the social media jungle. The good […]