AI language models are transforming the medical writing space – like it or not!

AI language models in Medical Writing, Cover of the Sept Issue of the EMWA Medical Writing Journal

AI language models and applications are poised to revolutionize the field of medical writing, transforming traditional workflows and methodologies. To navigate this transformation, one needs an open mindset, curiosity, and a dedication to ongoing education. This education should encompass a foundational grasp of these models. This feature article published in the September 2023 issue of […]

White Paper Creation: A handy guide of Do’s and Don’ts

Whitepaper Writing and Promoting Tips

White papers continue to be in demand, especially since inbound marketing tactics require strategic content that attracts potential prospects and converts them into customers. The creation and promotion of white papers can be resource-intensive, especially when searching for a high-performing piece of content that meets or beats your lead-generation goal. So, whatever type of white […]

LinkedIn Article, Blog Post or both – which is more effective?

Blog Post or LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn articles are becoming increasingly popular and generate good engagement. Blog posts shared via LinkedIn, on the other hand, at least seem to be losing popularity. How could this be explained? Well, there is a wealth of objective and subjective possibilities and reasons for this, including the nature of the article, who is publishing or […]

Increasing Research Visibility & Interest by embracing appropriate online dissemination

Replace Publish or Perish with Visible or Vanish in Science Communication

The academic world has changed and research visibility is much harder to achieve. An estimated 2.5 million new papers are published every year. But this number has certainly and substantially increased now due to research interest on Covid-19. Only six months into the pandemic, the number of published coronavirus articles indexed on Web of Science […]

Medical Writing – Tips on how to “kill your darlings”

Medical Writing Road

The purpose of medical writing is not to satisfy or memorialize the author(s), we all know that. Medical writing is about communicating health and medical-related information to the intended audience clearly and appropriately. Health journalism, medical education, medical promotion of healthcare products, scientific publications and presentations, grant applications and regulatory documents are only a few […]